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Myllyn Paras

Myllyn Paras

Founded in Finland
Year of foundation: 1928

Myllyn Paras produces and supplies flakes, groats and flour to the markets of Russia and CIS. The company systematically develops and modifies the products assortment and also seeks for new ways of applying different types of grains. Modern technologies of the new factory allow to preserve surface coat of a grain where biologically-active agents and food fibres are concentrated functioning as healthful and dietary nourishment.

Location was chosen quite successfully as immediate proximity to Russian buyers and suppliers allows to use resources efficiently and control products quality during all production stages. 


  • Myllyn Paras products use only high-quality raw materials.
  • Owned modern production complex allows to track product quality from field to the consumer.
  • Contemporary equipment and multistage system of quality control and raw materials purification allow to clean flakes from all admixtures without chemical treatment.
  • Bright and modern package draws customer’s attention.
  • Myllyn Paras products have a broad assortment range that keeps getting supplemented with fascinating all-new products.
  • Myllyn Paras porridges contain berries and fruit with maximally conserved taste and health properties of top-quality product meeting European standards. 

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Since 1928, the family company Myllyn Paras has maintained traditional Finnish quality. 90 years of expertise has allowed  to create a wide range of organic food products. The flakes are made from high quality whole grains of oats using a special technology that preserves the large structure of the product. Thanks to this, the product is digested more slowly, supplying energy to the body for longer and maintaining a feeling of satiety for a long time, which helps to control your weight.

Porridge "Tigrenok"

Porridge "Tigrenok" is the basis of a healthy diet for the whole family. The consistency of porridge is tender and soft, thanks to carefully processed flakes. The high content of dietary fiber promotes digestion and good mood, gives energy and a feeling of satiety for a long time.


Probiotics create optimal conditions for the growth and development of a person's own beneficial intestinal microflora. Therefore, a unique line of oatmeal with lactobacilli "BIO-BIO" was created. By consuming even 1 sachet of the product daily, you will already be able to protect the digestive system from harmful microorganisms and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

In the production of BIO-BIO products, lactobacilli Enterococcusfaecium L3 are used: They effectively inhibit the growth of pathogens, contribute to the normalization of metabolism, and synthesize a wide range of vitamins.