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Retail trade

Retail trade

The retail trade is the most rapid developed direction of "V.A.S. GROUP". The two "VAS" supermarkets, acting in the territory of Yerevan, belong to the company. 

The activity sphere of "V.A.S. GROUP"company is quite large

They represent their consumer:

  • high quality customer service
  • correspondence with European standards
  • variety and availability of goods
  • unique choice of their own goods production including bakery products, cookies, home-made salads, ready dishes and preparations.

The strategy of the activity of "V.A.S."supermarkets supposes:

  • expansion of assortment that can satisfy the customers, having different preferences and demands
  • service level improvement
  • providing healthy competition in the sphere of the retail trade.

The assortment of "VAS" supermarkets, that consists of 18.000 fresh food, appetizers, hot dishes of the own production, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, is for the consumers, who prefer having the opportunity of a wide choice and absolute confidence in the quality of purchased goods.