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VAS bonus card

VAS bonus card

"VAS" bonus card is a cumulative card The customer must make 20,000 and / or more one-time money purchase in order to receive "VAS" accumulative card.The customer may collect bonus units, which can be used for purchasing.The interest accumulating system is operating in "VAS" supermarkets.

Main -1%
By doing shopping from 21:00 to 09:00 +1%
Sunday +1%
By doing shopping up to 5000 drams and more +1%
By doing shopping up to 30000 drams and more +1%
By doing shopping up to 90000 drams and more +1%
Eve and birthday +1%
Maximum accumulation may reach up to 7%

"VAS" accumulative card`s accrued interest shall not apply to the products that are listed in the advertising action and are noted with special yellow parcels ("product leaflet", "half price", "shocking price", etc). The limitation acts only in the period of implementation of the action.

In case of loss of the accumulative card it can be restored by applying to the supermarkets’ administration.